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Career coach Dr Jonathan Moy has successfully helped shape the careers of hundreds of clients using a Purpose-Driven Career process. This is an effective and logical career design model based on refined assessment tools and techniques. Coaching and counseling in Auckland since 2011, he relocated to the Wellington region in March 2024.

As a specialist in student career guidance and mid-career guidance, Jonathan can assist you with one-to-one, face-to-face, professional consultations.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” M. Robinson

Looking for a clearer career path?
↪ Career coaching – If you are a worker at a crossroad in your career and considering your options, we offer mentorship and practical careers advice to give you greater clarity in making a decision about the next step in your career path.
Student career guidance – If you are a student making big decisions about your career direction, we provide professional guidance to identify your skills, values, and personality preferences then help you match them to a purpose-driven career path.

Do you need help dealing with job stress?
Career counselling – We can assist you to develop solutions to difficult situations in your current job or workplace. Discussing a work issue or decision through with an objective non-judgmental career counsellor can help you understand the key issues, the impact on your career and relationships, the pros/cons of various options and provide strategies to resolve the issue.

Do you need help looking for a new job?
Job-search optimisation, C.V. development and Interview-skill training with a careers coach can help improve your chances of getting an interview and maximise your interview success. In the modern labour market, finding and building job opportunities has to go beyond agencies and search engines. There are techniques and strategies that a coach can assist you with, such as, how to identify potential employers, market yourself and proactively develop opportunities. Of course, a hard-hitting C.V. is critically important to being noticed when competing against dozens or hundreds of other applicants, and good interview skills will show you at your best.


What is a career coach?

• As the client, you are always in the driver’s seat making the choices. A career coach is someone who rides beside you guiding your decisions with a box full of maps, travel guides, GPS, and knowledge of the terrain. A good career coach is trained and experienced at focusing on your present life and your future (rarely their past), intently listening and asking questions, helping you to understand where you are, helping you ‘think outside of the box’ and helping you to find out what where you want to go.
• A career coach is knowledgeable about how the human mind works and wise about how the world of work operates. With these tools a career coach connects you with a greater understanding of yourself with a realistic understanding of how you can find greater fulfilment and purpose from particular jobs and occuptions. Some coaches are more knowledgeable about certain occupations and demographics than others, but if you are looking at a possible complete career change, a coach with a broad general knowledge of all industries and occupations is important.
• Career coaching uses career assessments and exercises, focused discussions around specific goals, and open counselling to explore and tackle difficult obstacles or issues.

What is the benefit of seeing a career coach?

(1) The benefit of a career coach is having access to an objective results-oriented person who is non-judgmental, creative and a great listener. They can help you reframe your current life situation and make sense of how to proceed from where you are.
(2) You will gain greater knowledge of your strengths, skills, values, motivators, interests and personality style.
(3) You gain access to specialised career assessments and an expert interpreter of career assessment tools and exercises. You may have seen or even completed many online career tests but not benefited from them because you haven’t been able to apply them to your particular career issue. A career coach will offer you relevant and appropriate assessments and then formally reports to you on these assessments and assists you to interpret the results in a way that you can immediately apply to your career situation.
(4) A career coach gives you a formal process or method of analysing your career requirements and a systematic exploration of career options.
(5) You will gain greater clarity about your career decision and a clearer path about how to achieve your goals.

How many career coaching sessions will you need?

• Adult clients, in general, attend 1-4 hours with a careers consultant depending on their particular career issue.
• Students generally require an initial 2-hour session followed up by a 1-hour session with a careers consultant to complete a full comprehensive assessment and reporting process.